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About LMC


As the Mayor of City of Ludhiana, I want us all to be committed to excellence, efficiency, professionalism & integrity as we work together towards taking the city to new heights with optimism, foresight & dedication.

Ludhiana has achieved great heights but there are still greater triumphs & achievement that await us. Ludhiana has a glorious past & has what i believe to be a bright future which beckons us to labour & work hard to give reality to those dreams of a bright future. We are driven by the necessities & aspirations of our citizens, our communities, our businesses for whose prosperity we the M.C. of Ludhiana are here to work for. We want all citizens of the prosperous city of ludhiana to know that we the M.C. of Ludhiana care about your dreams & aspirations & are here to serve you, to assist you in any possible way.

We want our city to be known as an advanced, multi-cultural community with strong ideals. A city known for its strong family values, infrastructure & a prosperous business community.

May it be said of Ludhiana that it is a great place to live, work & raise a family. It is indeed a place of opportunity, a place where we strive to make your dreams a reality.